SPS scores

In August, the Louisiana Department of Education released student scores. We sent your students’ scores home when we received them. For our teachers, our test coordinators compiled the data into class views for teachers to use directly in relation to your student’s performance. 

 Today, the Louisiana Department of Education publicly released District and School Performance scores. This is when we focus on how the schools did overall when every child’s performance is compiled and turned into an overall school level grade. As usual, in our 10 year history, Discovery Schools has a lot to be proud of. Together we have shown resilience with academic growth throughout 2 years of a pandemic and a major hurricane. Last year, at the start of a hectic 2021, I asked faculty to refocus their energy on academics and student learning, and they did just that. I asked parents to partner with us through the hurricane evacuation and the pandemic. You did that. Scores have been released, and it is time for me to share details with you and time to let the celebrations begin. 

I am beyond excited to tell you that both Kenner Discovery and DJOD received a "B" school letter grade. So in our 10th year at Kenner Discovery and our 2nd year at DJOD, as partners with us, you have helped our school and students achieve a "B" rating. Below I discuss each school's scores.  Actually, last week, I received a call from a State Department person who asked a favor of us and said “well Discovery is one of the top performing charter networks in the state of Louisiana.” (I knew he was looking at scores that had not yet been released so I smiled. 

Kenner Discovery is scored as a combination school (K-12th). If we break those scores down, K-8 received a "B" grade and 9-12 received an "A" grade. Kenner Discovery has shown increased School Performance Scores (SPS) since 2019 meaning we surpassed our pre-pandemic academic achievement by 2.2 points. Proudly, Kenner Discovery is rated #11 of the 78 Jefferson Parish Schools. The only open enrollment school ahead of us is Fisher Middle and High School as #10. I would like to take a moment to applaud them since their schools and community were destroyed in Hurricane Ida. All schools listed as #1-9 are required admissions schools that have little diversity and small numbers of students with disabilities. As an open enrollment public charter school with 66% ED and 14% SWD, we achieved a “B” rating and trending growth during very difficult times. Congratulations KDHSA!


Dr. John Ochsner Discovery (DJOD) received a "B" rating with SPS scores that increased by 2.3 points. 2021 simulated scores for DJOD were 76.3 and now show a 2.3 point increase to 78.6. That is an overall significant increase. DJOD received an “A” rating for Growth Scores and proudly was named a Top Gains Honoree for the State of Louisiana. Top Gains schools are recognized for exceptional student growth. So with an affiliation with the Boh Center and 14% or greater SWD, DJOD is being honored by the state for growing students academically. Congratulations DJOD!

Jefferson Parish as a District improved from 71.6 to 74.4, which is the largest district growth Jefferson Parish Schools has seen in 10 years and outpaces the state’s growth of 1.8. We are proud to be an important part of the District's growth with our 2,900 students. 

Continuous academic achievement and the school culture to achieve this starts the minute you enter campus from the front reception desk, to the counselors, deans, therapists, support staff, facility and operations staff, administrators, business office, and most importantly to our many classroom teachers and interventionists. Reinforcing the school culture before and after school needs to come from home. We are partners in educating and growing your children. Everyone plays a role in this great success and in the decade of success that Discovery Schools has enjoyed in Jefferson Parish. So with a Lens of Celebration, I ask you to enjoy at least a moment tonight with your friends and/or family to celebrate your contribution to a high-performing in-demand public charter school. We even made a visual picture of our growth for you to share on social media if you would like. 

Yes, we still have work to do. We acknowledged that at the start of our 2022 school year. Each teacher and the academic leader did a deep dive into grade level, classroom, and individual student data. I see and appreciate the engagement of students in the learning environment. I appreciate the teachers’ intentional alignment of standards and data to what they teach and reteach. I appreciate the time and effort they give every day to every student. Together we have accomplished so much.

We have answered our main two questions. Yes, what we did last school year was good for students, and yes, what we did was aligned with our mission. 

With an Academically Proud HEART,

Dr. Patty Glaser